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Orangeburg County is ideally situated near the midway point between New York City and Miami along Interstate 95. Two major interstates, I-95 and I-26, intersect in the county and can provide quick access to both national and regional markets.

该县距离东南部的顶级大都市区不到250英里, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Charleston, Raleigh-Durham, Knoxville, and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. 从这里开车一天就能到达美国30%以上的城市.S. manufacturing facilities

除了95号和26号州际公路, Orangeburg County is within a 45 minute drive of Interstate 77 and Interstate 20 near Columbia, S.C. U.S. Highways 301 and 601 are also located in Orangeburg County and the Port of Charleston is less than 1 hour away. 萨凡纳港距离奥兰治堡县不到两个小时的车程.

在全州范围内,im体育下载拥有全国最好的高速公路系统之一. 而im体育下载的面积在全国排名第40位, 它拥有全国第五大公路系统(共有42条),000英里免费收费),并由五条战略州际公路(I-20)纵横交错, I-26, I-77, I-85, and I-95). 这些州际公路的位置和交汇处, 与南卡州高速公路相结合, provides efficient access to the state’s ports and over half of the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan statistical areas.

One measure of the commitment and success of South Carolina’s road system is the fact that for the last four years South Carolina’s Department of Transportation has been rated either first or second by the University of North Carolina (Charlotte) as the most efficient system in the nation. A second measure of our commitment is the state’s launch of an unprecedented $5 billion investment over the next several years. This investment will more than double current road/highway construction and improvements.

Port of Charleston

Not only does Orangeburg County have an excellent highway transportation network, 但它距离查尔斯顿港也不到一个小时. The Port of Charleston is the busiest container port along the Southeast and Gulf coasts and ranks fourth nationwide. The Charleston Customs district ranks as the nation’s sixth largest in dollar value of international shipments, 每年货物价值330亿美元.


largest U.S port in volume at 1.68 million TEU

largest U.美国港口价值650亿美元


The Port of Charleston is considered one of the nation’s most efficient and productive ports. Claiming the deepest water in the coastal region with -45 ft/-14 meters depth at mean low tide, 该港口每天四小时可接纳超巴拿马型船舶. 一项港口深化工程将把水深增加到-52英尺./-16米,允许大型船只24小时停泊.

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Commercial Airports

Orangeburg County residents are within a one hour drive to two commercial airports – Columbia Metropolitan Airport and 查尔斯顿国际机场. Both provide dozens of direct flights daily to many of the major metropolitan areas in the Eastern U.S.

Columbia Metropolitan Airport
哥伦比亚大都会机场, 位于奥兰治堡县西北方向,距离26号州际公路仅45分钟路程, offers more than 100 daily flights; Direct flights include Atlanta, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Memphis, Newark, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Washington Dulles, and Washington National. The airport is served by Delta, 美国大西洋东南航空公司, US Airways Express, US Airways, United Express, COMAIR, American Eagle, Continental, Northwest, Spirit and United. 每年,机场服务超过1万人次.年客运量达200万人次,航空货物吞吐量超过16.8万吨. Click here 查看从哥伦比亚大都会机场出发的每日航班列表.

In 1997, 该机场完成了一项耗资5000万美元的航站楼翻新工程, 是谁升级了设施的功能, efficiency, and appearance. The new terminal features a two-level concourse for common-use gates; a central food court within easy view of all gates; a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioning system; expanded airline ticket counter, baggage claim and baggage make-up areas; and a covered walk-way for pedestrians between the terminal and parking lot. New interior and exterior architectural features and finishes combine the classic images of the antebellum South with modern developments such as tinted glass and pyramid skylights. In August 1996, United Parcel Service opened an $80 million Southeastern Regional Hub at the airport. 该枢纽提供次日、第二天和第三天的航空服务. The buildings encompass 352,这个占地44英亩的坡道足够容纳22架DC-8飞机. 该中心每小时可处理4.2万个包裹. 为机场服务的其他主要航空货运公司包括Airborne Express, 金刚砂环球和联邦快递.

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查尔斯顿国际机场 is approximately 1 hour from Orangeburg County and offers more than 100 daily arrival and departure flights. 该机场位于北查尔斯顿26号州际公路旁. Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Northwest, US Airways, 和联合快运都提供从机场起飞的航班. 航班包括飞往亚特兰大的直飞航班, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas-Forth Worth, Detroit, Houston Newark, New York-LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, Toronto, and Washington D.C.

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Local Airports

奥兰治堡市机场(OGB), 位于21号高速公路以南两英里处, 是奥兰治堡市拥有并经营的吗. 它是许多公司和私人飞机的基地. FBO由奥兰治堡市管理. A new runway, 17/35 is 5,400 feet long initially and designed for expansion to meet future needs. Located at the entrance to the terminal is a very unique feature of our airport, “航空纪念馆及飞行员步道”. The Walk was designed, constructed and paid for by local pilots of the Orangeburg Pilots Association. It effectively commemorates historic events in aviation history and honors those associated with aviation. Visitors can enjoy a quiet time of contemplation as they stroll along the Walk and perhaps recognize some of the names placed there. Pilots having visited the Orangeburg Airport are eligible to become part of our walk.

联系人:Roland Hill经理(803)534-5545 (803)362-2441

Flight Information

  • The coordinates are N33-27.71; W080-51.47. Mag var: 5°W.
  • Navaids: EDS-111.4 on field; OYI-226048° 3.6
  • Telephone: 803/534-5545. Fax: 803/534-5928. Hours: 8:00 am to dark; After hours pager 803/362-2441/2.
  • Elevation:197.
  • Pattern altitudes: 1200 MSL
  • Runways: 13-31 2,800 X 165, turf; trees ea end / 5-23 4,500 X 100, 17-35 5,400 X 100 asphalt; lights PCL;
  • Lights: SS to SR, 122.7 (3 clicks in 3 secs., low intensity; 5 clicks in 3 sec. med intensity; 7 clicks in 3 sec, high intensity); beacon.
  • Approaches: VOR, NDB. To runway 5
  • Communication Frequencies: Anderson FSS-800-992-7433; Columbia APP. 124.15 UNICOM/CTAF 122.7; ASOS 118.525
  • Weather contacts: ASOS 803-536-3901; 118.525
  • Charts: Charlotte; L20, L27.
  • Transportation: courtesy car.
  • Rental cars: Alamo 534-2400.
  • Restaurants: Quality Inn 1 mi 531-4600; Shoney’s 3 MI 533-1737.
  • Lodging: Quality Inn 531-4600; Hampton Inn 531-6400.
  • 当地景点:埃迪斯托纪念花园1英里.; Santee Cooper Resort Area, 20 mi.
  • Notes: Right tfc ry 5 & 13.

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Rail Access

Orangeburg County is one of the few counties in the state and the Southeastern U.S. 它可以使用两家不同的铁路公司的铁路线. 美国东部两家主要的铁路公司诺福克-南方和CSX.S.在奥兰治堡县运营线路. 奥兰治堡县的许多工业基地都有铁路. For more information about the types of service offered by rail carriers in Orangeburg County, 访问CSX网站或诺福克-南方铁路.


Norfolk Southern began delivering a 2-day rail service between the Port of Charleston and Charlotte, NC on March 12. The new service is operating 5-days per week and connects Charleston and Charlotte using existing dedicated intermodal trains with a switch in Spartanburg, SC. traveling through Orangeburg, SC.  This is a major advantage for industries in SC’s Global Logistics Triangle (I-26 US 301 I-95).

The net result is a fast, reliable, price-competitive rail option that is a significant improvement on existing rail options from Charleston and all other ports in the region.

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Foreign Trade Zones

Complementing South Carolina’s world-class transportation system are three strategically located Foreign Trade Zones. These zones offer substantial cost-savings advantages for companies who import or export manufactured raw materials or products. 这些区域的一些好处包括:

  • Duty is paid only when imports are shipped into Customs territory or sold – this markedly improves cash-flow
  • Duties are not owed on labor, overhead, 或利润归属于位于区内的生产经营
  • 备件可以存放、退回或销毁而不缴纳关税
  • 可以消除清关和退税程序的延误
  • No country of origin labels are required on merchandise admitted to the zone; and
  • Due to security, 据《im体育下载》杂志报道,保险费率更低, 节省的费用可能高达40%.

了解更多关于im体育下载对外贸易区的信息, 访问查尔斯顿港网站专门介绍对外贸易区.

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