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South Carolina’s agricultural and forestry roots run deep. They are two of our oldest industries. This includes food processing, livestock, produce, wood/lumber, paper and forestry-related companies.

Orangeburg County, as the largest rural county in the State, is a large part of this success -consistently ranking among the top 5 counties in agricultural sales.

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Quick Facts

  • The Agricultural industry has an annual economic impact of $41.7 billion statewide.
  • The industry is responsible for nearly 10 percent of the economic activity in South Carolina, and accounts for a total employment of 212,530 jobs, representing 10.5% of the state’s workforce.
  • The State is home to 3.2 million acres of agricultural land and 13.1 million acres of forestland.
  • Forestry is the No. 1 manufacturing sector in terms of jobs (90,320) and labor income ($4.5 billion).
  • Forestry is the No. 1 export commodity from the Port of Charleston, at $1.5 billion.
  • Forestry is the No. 1 agribusiness crop totaling $759 million.
  • South Carolina Forestry Commission officials announced that the economic impact of the forest products sector represents an $18.6 billion contribution to the state’s economy.

Companies In Orangeburg County

Companies who have found a home—and found success—in Orangeburg County.

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