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Aiken Electric Cooperative Invests in Western Orangeburg County Industrial Park

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Aiken Electric Cooperative Invests in Western Orangeburg County Industrial Park

$200,000 in Rural Development Funds for the Development of Infrastructure in the park

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – December 12, 2016 – The Orangeburg County Development Commission is pleased to announce additional funding for the Western Orangeburg County Industrial Park. Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc. has allocated $200,000 of Rural Development Funds (RDA) to be used for infrastructure associated with the development of the park. RDA funds are monies that the Cooperative would otherwise pay to the state of South Carolina in the form of gross tax receipts; however, the RDA Act of 1996 allows the Cooperative to, instead, invest these funds locally. Aiken Electric Cooperative’s partnership with the Orangeburg County Development Commission has been instrumental in improving the economic growth for not only the western region of Orangeburg County but for the entire region.

“The continued economic development of rural South Carolina is vital. We are committed to improving the quality of life for residents of western Orangeburg County by investing in the industrial park. Combined with our current contribution, Aiken Electric has facilitated more than $450,000 in Rural Development Act (RDA) grants for this project over the past eight years.” — Aiken Electric Cooperative CEO Gary Stooksbury

“The cooperative’s contribution of RDA funds clearly reflects their commitment to economic development and symbolizes our commitment to providing great job opportunities for the county.” —Senator Brad Hutto, State of South Carolina

“This is another example of community partners working together to make it a Great Day in Orangeburg County! Orangeburg County is very grateful of the support given by Aiken Electric over the years.” —Johnnie Wright Sr., Chairman, Orangeburg County Council

This economic incentive reflects County Council’s vision to make development in Western Orangeburg County a reality, and Aiken Electric continues to play a major role in helping Orangeburg County fulfill that vision.” —Harold M. Young, Orangeburg County Administrator

“Aiken Electric Cooperatives contribution to the park clearly shows their dedication to the residents of Western Orangeburg County. The park is being developed at a pace as funds become available. The additional RDA funding is key and greatly improv es our timeline and brings the future of the park closer to reality” —Craig Williamson, OCDC Board Member representing Western Orangeburg County